Hope. Solace. Strength. Companionship. Listening to songs have brought me all these things and more - and that is why I am a songwriter, to give back some of what I have received.


To give you some grounding before your first listen, think a mix of Uncle Kracker, Tom Petty and Steve Earle, if they had all been raised in Scotland. Oh, and yes - I am a genuine "the third"!



Sept 3rd 2017 -
New blog post - actually quite a lot of new blog posts, as I've been updating that without updating this home page, tsk. Catch up on the songs Came to this Country, You Can Burn, American Now, On the Tin and You Don't Know Jack, recent acquisitions a Blackstar ID10 and Fender Mustang GT40, the new Tele, and the recent flooding in the apartment!


Jan 22nd 2017 -
New blog post - plans for "Restless Guitar" and quick thoughts on Amplitube 4 and the Fender Collection 2.


Jan 21st 2017 -
Been busy with work, but have been creating new music - just forgetting to update the website! Here's one or two of the more recent tracks, Silence and If, and there are a few more on the Soundcloud too. Right now I am taking some of those songs, remixing them, re-singing a few, and will bundle them together into the "Restless Guitar" album once done.


Latest Videos:

We've known each other for more than 30 years. Some days, she won't talk to me; others, she makes me laugh and cry, eases my pain, shares in my joy.


She takes what is inside of me and expresses it to the world in a way I never could on my own. She comforts me when I am down, yells for me when I am angry, weeps with me when I cry.


Sometimes she surprises me with stories of her own - where they come from, I do not know. Some
days she fights me and refuses to do anything I ask,  but yet on others she is
meekly compliant to my wishes.


Together, we sing and tell tales of what it is to be alive.


The guitar.


What a wonderful thing.