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Tommy Grimes III


Bittersweet country rock for solace, hope, strength and companionship - Uncle Kracker, Tom Petty and Steve Earle, if they had all been born in Scotland.




Tommy Grimes was born and raised in the North East of Scotland, acquiring his first guitar in his teens and always being focused on writing and recording his own material rather than performing cover versions, even if that meant recording on one tape deck, then playing that back through speakers and playing along while recording on a second tape deck!


That fascination has continued throughout his life as he has moved to England, back to Scotland, then to the Piney Woods area of East Texas, and today he writes and records in his own studio in the middle of a field, surrounded by forest.



His musical tastes are so diverse as to be confusing, listening to a mix of rock, country, alternative, electronica, classical, new age, Americana, blues and more. Quite how this rubs off on his music is left for the listener to decide.


"The Amber Dream" was his first EP, featuring David Cagle on vocals. "Restless Guitar" is his second collection of songs, currently in development, this time with the plan to sing all his own material. As well as recording his own material, he is also interested in having his songs performed and recorded by others.



With a creative spirit that can't sit still, he also releases that through photography, 3D art, video, and more, though music remains his main love where he plays guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin and harmonica. With a passion for the recording technology itself, he is also at home working with Cubase and associated effects units and synths. This fascination with arranging and recording keeps him locked in the studio and away from live performance for now.


Contact Information:

You can contact Tommy using the links at the top of every page, whether by FB, Twitter or Email. Streamable versions of his songs can be found on the songs page, with hi-res photos available on the Media page.



50 Words:

Born and raised in NE Scotland, Tommy Grimes III has been fascinated with playing, writing and recording his own music since his early teens. Now in the Piney Woods area of East Texas, he crafts bittersweet country rock to give solace, hope, strength and companionship to his listeners.


Tommy Grimes III - Bittersweet country rock blending Uncle Kracker, The Eagles and Tom Petty, for solace, hope, strength and companionship.

Songs Looking for a Good Home



These songs are fully house-trained. You can already tell how they could grow up to be something special - they are well structured, with great ideas for bass, rhythm and lead already formed so you don’t need to second-guess how they might turn out!



Please note that the personalities of these songs are for the most part bittersweet. They come from a real life, and they know the knocks and heartaches of the real world. You won’t find these songs cavorting carefree in sunny fields beneath rainbows - those looking for songs of that nature (colloquially referred to as “pop” songs) will need to look elsewhere.


Fortunately, the parent of these songs is free from the common defects that can be a red light for how a song could mature – no overbearing ego, no party-itis, no hip dysplasia, no rabid need for insane wealth, and no over-protectiveness of their offspring that would stunt their growth in any needed direction. Their parent is mature and known for being a great team player and a dedicated worker, with no substance dependencies (except for coffee, in the interests of full disclosure), no deformities in how the head is attached to the body (it is properly “screwed on”) and is also easy to get along with.


If you have a need for particular songs, then they can be produced on demand. If you need a steady source of songs, or are looking for a particular breed or color of coat, that can be arranged!



What these songs really need now is a good, loving owner. Under the care of an expert vocalist, band or producer, they will grow and blossom and realize their full potential. If you are looking for faithful and loyal songs that are fun to own, then you have come to the right place! Just get in touch to discuss your proposals for licensing, recording, producing or whatever ideas you have for helping these young songs grow up into great hits.



Indeed you can! I believe every potential owner should always visit the songs in their current home to see if they have been well looked after and find out how they get along with them. You can introduce yourself to the songs and get to know them on the songs page