Hope. Solace. Strength. Companionship. Listening to music has brought me all these things and more - and that is why I now write music, to give back some of what I have received.




Put the wraps on "With the Rider Came the Storm" by adding some brass and "nonsense syllables" chants.



Enya Morricone - new blog post; Omnisphere and the Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass added to the instrument collection.

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We've known each other for more than 30 years. Some days, she won't talk to me; others, she makes me laugh and cry, eases my pain, shares in my joy.


She takes what is inside of me and expresses it to the world in a way I never could on my own. She comforts me when I am down, yells for me when I am angry, weeps with me when I cry.


Sometimes she surprises me with stories of her own - where they come from, I do not know. Some
days she fights me and refuses to do anything I ask,  but yet on others she is
meekly compliant to my wishes.


Together, we sing and tell tales of what it is to be alive.


The guitar.


What a wonderful thing.