Music is my mistress

The Amber Dream

The Passing of Years

...a Highlands of Scotland feel... outstanding instrumental work... lyrics well written


This song made me homesick... It brought tears to my eyes.

The Amber Dream Lyric video

...a down-to-earth folk song that is what every folk song to aspire to be...


This is one track that needs to be playing on the radio with all ears listening!

Halfway to Heaven

The deep instrumental... sounds amazing... The lyrics ... the emotional turmoil of someone without being melodramatic... Beautiful song

Pedal to the Metal  Lyric video

It's hard to find good songs like this now.


...reminds me a little of CCR/John Fogerty .... of Social Distortion... of Tom Petty... starts an Eagles song... then the singer kicks in and it's almost Bob Dylan country-fried

Restless Guitar

A different approach for this second collection; first of all I am singing all the songs myself, and secondly I am taking a more "rough and ready" live approach too. So far, everything on Soundcloud is a mix of maybe-final and demo versions.


Ended up with so many songs, I split some off into a third collection. These also take the more "rough and ready" live approach, and is also a mix of maybe-final and demo versions.

Work Tapes

Right now my focus is on writing, rather than polishing up recordings, as I have so many songs started and in various states of completion! Also, my primary aim is to be a songwriter, so I need to get those half-finished ideas wrapped up and complete in terms of writing, and that's where the Work Tapes playlist comes in!


Expect simpler arrangements, down to mostly just drums, bass, rhythm guitar and voice, with a lot less time on production too.

Different Tune

Arrangement video

Different This Time

Lyric video

As well as my own recordings below, I am open to the idea of other artists recording these songs - contact me if you are interested!